The Google Search Console, formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools, is a free Internet marketing tool from Google that monitors your website and will alert you if it finds anything that might adversely impact your visibility and rankings at Google.

If you care about your visibility and findability at Google, and you should, you want to use it.

The Google Search Console continually monitors your website and will send you an email alert if it finds:

  • Crawlability issues
  • Missing pages (404 errors)
  • Slow loading pages
  • Malware or suspicious scripts
  • Issues with mobile-experience
  • Other things Google thinks will improve the user-experience at your website

It will also provide you with valuable information, including:

  • Keyword searches your site appears for
  • Clicks, impressions, and click-through ratios
  • Security issues (malware, hacks, and suspicious scripts)
  • External websites linking to your website

And tools:

  • To remove malware and security warnings that appear with your website in the search results
  • For submitting a Google Site Map for your website
  • For improving the performance of your website

… and more!

Key Action

Register to use the Google Search Console with your website. You should also be using Google Analytics. Both are very important Internet marketing tools that are free and that will give you tremendous insight into your website, how people are finding it, and most importantly, how Google sees it.

Email Alert from Google Console