There are many reasons wedding businesses only get limited inquiries from their websites. Based on my experience, here are 7 common “inquiry killers.”

(1) No traffic, weak traffic, or poor quality traffic.

If you have less than 500 visitor sessions at your website per month, there is definitely something wrong with your Internet marketing. If your Google Bounce Rate is above 50% you have a problem and you should figure out what it is.

(2) Your inquiry form does not work properly.

It happens all the time. I spoke with someone yesterday and they told me they had not received an inquiry from their website in more than two weeks. I tested the form and found that it did not work properly. Ouch!

(3) Your email does not work properly.

It is shocking how often that this is a problem. One client I worked with was receiving inquiries, but, unfortunately, they were all going into a spam-junk folder! Another wedding business owner called me after their wedding inquiries “suddenly dried up.” The first thing I did was test the inquiry form, and guess what, it did not work properly.

(4) There are typos throughout your website.

Typos are unprofessional and can be easily translated into a poor reflection on the quality of your business and the services and products you offer. It leaves a bride/groom thinking, “If you can’t get it right on your website, why should I think you will on my special day?”

(5) The look and feel of your website is too basic.

Maybe your website does not communicate that you can provide the level of service an engaged couple seeks. Amateur, do-it-yourself  websites under-perform when compared to most professionally designed websites. It boggles my mind why vendors in the wedding industry think they can create their own websites without any design, programming, or marketing communications expertise – and then still expect them to generate leads.

(6) A poor marketing message kills inquiries.

Ineffective communication of a unique value proposition (UVP) and a strong WIIFM message (i.e. What’s In It For Me?) is one of the biggest reasons a bride/groom will leave a website.

(7) Lack of social proof.

Brides and grooms like to see testimonials, reviews, ratings, awards, and memberships in professional associations as part of your marketing message. It creates a psychological confidence that is more likely to lead someone to make an inquiry.

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