It’s not an uncommon problem. A couple makes an inquiry from your website, you follow-up via email or even a phone call or two, then they “ghost” you. In other words, they disappear and  are not returning any of your emails or phone calls.

My answer to this issue is simple and straight-forward.

Couples are not returning your messages, via email or phone, because you really didn’t give them a reason to want to talk to you.

Maybe your website didn’t leave the right first impression. Maybe your social proof and marketing copy were not engaging enough to REALLY get them to want to learn more about your business – and TALK with you.

Maybe you took three days to follow-up on their initial inquiry?

Or, maybe the couple is just price shopping and isn’t really your ideal client.

So What Do You Do?

If this happens to you frequently, there is probably something wrong with your website. I promise you that very few, if any, people are ghosting David Rothstein Music or Claire Goodman at Sacred Ground Ceremonies.

Follow-up on all inquiries within 2 hours. In a world where up to 80% of business inquiries NEVER receive a follow-up, you will be making a great first impression by doing this one simple thing.

Be sure to follow up a minimum of 6 times before you give up – at least 3 times on the phone and three times 3 via email.

Use a post inquiry landing page (PILP) with a downloadable take-away.

Use social proof, specifically testimonials, in your email signature.

Include a link to your downloadable take-away in your email signature.

If you do get ghosted, don’t sweat it. My colleague Rick Brewer and I were discussing this issue after speaking with a group of wedding professionals in Chicago and he reminded me:

“Some will reach back to you, some won’t. So what, someone else is waiting. Someone else will be a better client.”

Recommended Resource:

Use Boomerang to schedule emails to send at optimal times, snooze messages, GET READ RECEIPTS and follow-up reminders if someone doesn’t respond to your email.

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