If you’ve been using Instagram for any amount of time you know it’s tough to get new followers.

It certainly doesn’t happen very fast, and you should avoid schemes or offers to grow your followers quickly (i.e. get thousands of followers in 48 hours!).

One way to grow your Instagram follower count is by using the 5/3/1 rule.

Start by finding an Instagram account in your niche/category/geographic area.

(5) Like five of their photos.

(3) Comment on three of their photos.

(1) Gain one new follower.

Rinse. Repeat.

Keeping your Instagram feed active with new posts and interesting photos and content is certainly part of its overall success.

It’s also important to be using hashtags properly because hashtags are one of the ways people find your Instagram page.

And… don’t forget to thank people for leaving comments on your Instagram post when they do.

The key to success here is using social media marketing best practices, and of course, consistency!

Give it a try!