Sending engaged couples who visit your website away from your website should be done carefully. It’s hard enough (and costly) to get high-quality traffic to your website, be very careful about giving them options to leave and how they do.

Generally, I only use external links in blog posts, and never in my main marketing copy.

When you link to other websites, also referred to as external linking, and give people a path to leave your website, use the new browser window option which will leave your website in the background. Make sure the website you are linking to opens a new browser window or tab on your visitor’s computer or mobile device.

Power Tip: If you offer downloadable PDFS at your website, use the same technique. If the PDF “crashes” a visitor’s browser window, and unfortunately this happens more than it should, the original browser window at your website should still be available to them on their computer/smartphone.


Review and test the links at your website that link away. Make sure they open in a new browser window.

Only use this technique when linking away from your website, never internally from page to page within your website.

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