Most people in the wedding industry think of email newsletters as a way to communicate with the engaged couples they are working with or may be working with (i.e. prospects). Email marketing is a powerful Internet marketing tool and will help you BOOK MORE WEDDINGS.

You can also start an email newsletter to reach out to other vendors you work with. I call this a Vendor Newsletter and it is separate from your “Couples” newsletter.

A vendor newsletter is a great way to easily stay in touch and stay fresh in the minds of other wedding industry professionals, get more referrals, and BOOK MORE WEDDINGS.

Action Steps

Start a vendor email newsletter. If you can produce this monthly GREAT, but push this out at least quarterly.

Promote a fellow wedding vendor in each email newsletter that you send to your brides/grooms list. Make sure the vendor you promote knows they were promoted in your email newsletter. This creates a lot of goodwill that almost always comes back in the form of referrals to your company!


The two email newsletter service providers I recommend are MailChimp ( and Constant Contact (

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