Most couples planning a wedding have never done it before. To say it can become overwhelming is an understatement. There are so many choices, so many options, and the pricing can be confusing. And when parents who are helping to pay for the wedding get involved, yikes – it can get crazier, more stressful, and more chaotic. This is where “packages” can really help you BOOK MORE WEDDINGS.

Generally speaking, when making a buying decision, people like packages. Just the other day I went to Jiffy Lube and instead of just an oil change they quickly offered me a few different specially priced “packages.” It was well presented and even though I went in for an oil change, they ended up upselling me and generating a higher priced sale because of their “packages.” It also made my buying experience more enjoyable and satisfying.

With this in mind, consider making it easier and more enjoyable for couples to choose YOUR business by offering “packages.” Packages are almost always easier to sell than ala carte pricing.

Every wedding business is different, every category is different, and every marketplace is different. Competitive issues also come into play. That said, the wedding businesses that I’ve worked with who offered packages have all told me it helped them book more weddings when compared to when they had not in the past.

Action Items

If you don’t already offer packages put some together (3) and integrate them into your sales system for 90 days. A one-page sales sheet with your packages is fairly easy to create and easily distributed via email as a PDF. For added punch put a back-side on it with testimonials, awards, and professional credentials. Need help creating a top-notch professional looking sales sheet? Try Fiverr (

Add your new packages PDF to your website as a downloadable “take-away.” Make sure it has all your company and contact information on it!

In most cases, people typically go for the “middle” package when choosing packages. Don’t ask me why, but studies show this is a FACT. Target your ideal sale and price/revenue as the middle package!

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