A hashtag is a keyword or phrase (with no spaces), preceded by the hash symbol #, that people include in their social media posts at Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

It makes the content of your post “findable” to all people with similar interests who “search” for that hashtag. They do not necessarily have to be a follower or fan of your page (i.e. like). Hashtags at Instagram are “followable.”

Adding them to your social posts will increase the “findability” factor of your content and give you more online visibility!

Ten Most Popular Wedding Related Hashtags at Instagram
(on February 1, 2018 / and then August 15, 2018)

#wedding (105,071,925 / 123,370,461)
#weddingday (17,935,452 / 22,492,284)
#bridal (11,470,661 / 13,909,907)
#weddings (11,176,080 / 13,569,298)
#weddingdress (14,668,345 / 19,183,485)
#weddingphotography (12,518,782 / 16,237,808)
#engagement (7,632,982 / 9,113,875)
#engaged (7,480,588 / 8,934,875)
#bridetobe (8,164,670 / 10,136,037)
#weddingphotographer (8,430,017 / 10,528,554)

Action Item:

Include some or all of the hashtags above in your social media posts, particularly at Instagram.

Do not forget to include geographically targeted hashtags for your marketplace (ex: #bostonweddings, #bostonweddingphotographers #chicagoweddings #weddingsinhawaii #mauiweddings).

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