There are a variety of website traffic building strategies for wedding businesses and ADVERTISING AT GOOGLE is one of them. Advertising at Google is done through a program called Google Adwords. There is an “express” version and I do not recommend using it.

The problem with Google Adwords is that it is a much more sophisticated program to understand and use correctly than Google leads you to believe.

You can spend a lot of money very fast – and see absolutely ZERO as far as results. Actually, this is what happens for most people.

Google Adwords can work and deliver a solid ROI. There’s just a lot more to setting it up properly than than you might think. Once set-up, it also requires continuous monitoring.

If you’re going to use Google Adwords either hire a consultant, a coach, or take the time to learn how it works. If you go the DIY route expect to spend between 15-40 hours to learn how it works. If you’re going to DIY I’d recommend taking at least their Adwords Fundamentals and Search Advertising certification program.

Also, if you are going to use Google Adwords start with a small budget, probably between $200-500/month.

Don’t just put up your credit card and hope you get good results because it’s Google – that’s a losing strategy.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If your current website doesn’t currently do a good job of converting visitor traffic into INQUIRIES you might want to reconsider ANY PAID ADVERTISING until you fix the conversion problem you have your website.

Graphic: Google Shows Advertisers First on a Search Engine Results Page

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Chris Jaeger produces Book More Weddings and writes the BOOK MORE WEDDINGS NEWSLETTER (weekly). He is the Founder and Director of the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF WEDDING INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS (IAWIP) and a wedding industry marketing veteran with more than 20 years of experience marketing to brides and grooms.

If you’re not getting the results you expected from your website or Internet marketing, or want to get better results, it might be a good idea to get an expert to REVIEW YOUR WEBSITE AND INTERNET MARKETING.

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