20 Common Search Engine Optimization Mistakes

One of the biggest challenges with search engine optimization is understanding all the different things that are involved getting a website, or web pages, top ranked at Google.

I tell people to think of search engine optimization like a blueberry pie. It takes exact ingredients, all put together properly, baked at the right temperature just for the right amount of time – to get the results you want!

Here are 20 common search engine optimization mistakes.

(1) Cheating: using (or trying) Black Hat SEO techniques. Example: “keyword stuffing.”

(2) Getting and then using bad advice.

(3) Thinking you have to outsource and hire an “expert.”

(4) Lack of knowledge and understanding of basic SEO (search engine optimization).

(5) Seat-of-the-pants SEO strategy.

(6) Poor keyword and keyword phrase selection and targeting.

(7) Not enough SEO-friendly content at a website.

(8) Poor website design.

(9) Slow loading pages, which Google now penalizes.

(10) No ongoing content strategy.

(11) Failure to blog using keyword-rich SEO optimized content.

(12) Website content missing the BIG THREE: SEO optimized title tags, description tags, and page copy.

(13) Lack of a mobile-optimized website design.

(14) Local search optimization, including claiming your business listing at Google My Business.

(15) Writing for SEO/Google and not real people.

(16) Failure to seek out and build inbound links to your website.

(17) Not using the right tools (i.e. Google Search Console).

(18) Outsourcing SEO to the wrong company.

(19) Not monitoring and measuring results. You’ll have to make adjustments along the way. SEO is not set-it-and-forget-it.

(20) Lack of patience. Giving up too quickly. SEO is a long-term, ongoing process.