Consider Adding Online Chat to Your Website

Online chat tools, that give your website visitors the option of “chatting” with you online real-time, are becoming more and more popular. You’ve probably used them yourself for online banking or to get online support from your website hosting company.

Social Media Tools

The right tools make a challenging job easier. Here is my favorite tool to use with social media. It saves me a lot of time managing my Facebook and Instagram social feeds.

Google Tools: Google Bounce Rate

If you use Google Analytics (GA), and you should be, one of the tracking points is called “Bounce Rate.” Bounce rate is an indication of how many REAL people came to your website and left after visiting just one page.

Improve Conversion Using an Announcement Bar

Conversion is really what Internet marketing is all about. Your website is ultimately responsible for turning visitors into some type or form of action. In most cases, the action you want an engaged couple to take after visiting your website is filling in your inquiry form.