Get More Testimonials & Reviews

After word-of-mouth testimonials and reviews are probably the most powerful tool in your Internet marketing toolbox. Websites like Yelp! and Amazon (reviews) have trained everyone to look for and read what others have experienced before making a buying decision.

Consider Adding Online Chat to Your Website

Online chat tools, that give your website visitors the option of “chatting” with you online real-time, are becoming more and more popular. You’ve probably used them yourself for online banking or to get online support from your website hosting company.

Create and Post Video to YouTube

By creating and posting videos, or informational video slideshows, you will be creating more online visibility for your company, brand, website, and creating a long-term traffic generating machine.

Show Support for LGBTQ

Showing support for the LGBTQ community, and marriage equality, is an important business and marketing strategy. Do you have a statement of support showing your business is open to the LGBTQ customer on your website? Here’s an example and ideas for where you can use it.

Create an FAQ Page on Your Website

A frequently asked questions (FAQ) page at a website is a double win. First, it answers the commonly asked questions that couples have when thinking about hiring your company. It also acts as a powerful sales page to qualify engaged couples.

Amp Up Your First Impression

Is it time for your website to get a “fresh coat of paint?” Maybe it’s time for a complete overhaul? Maybe the marketing copy needs to be improved? In many cases the first impression a bride or groom gets about your company is going to be from your website.

Create and Offer a “Take-away”

Takeaways work great for a variety of reasons, but I’m going to guess that most of your competition does NOT use them and that immediately gives you tremendous competitive advantage.

Follow-up Faster on Inquiries

Studies show that the first company to follow-up on a web-based inquiry has an immediate and significant competitive advantage. Companies that are the first to “help a customer along their buying journey” are 72% more likely to get the sale.

Improve Conversion Using an Announcement Bar

Conversion is really what Internet marketing is all about. Your website is ultimately responsible for turning visitors into some type or form of action. In most cases, the action you want an engaged couple to take after visiting your website is filling in your inquiry form.

Upgrade Your “Dusty” Brand

“Dusty” brands are not only at a significant competitive disadvantage, but typically they can’t command premium pricing for their services in any competitive marketplace.