The right tools will make any challenging job easier. Here are a few for managing social media.

Recommended Tool:


SmarterQueue is my favorite tool to use with social media. It saves me a lot of time managing my Facebook and Instagram social feeds.I like re-using my social posts, and there is nothing wrong with doing that. SmarterQueue is what I use now, but I have tried them all. SmarterQueue lets you schedule posts, re-use content, and gives you excellent analytics. There is a little bit of a learning curve with SmarterQueue, but once you understand categories and schedules, it is a breeze to use.

Other Tools:


I still use Hootsuite from time to time and for those looking for a free option to manage a social media channel this might do it for you.


I’ve used Buffer in the past but it seems to lack the functionality of other newer options. Buffer currently does NOT let you reschedule or re-use previously posted content – and that is why I do not use it anymore.

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