Unfortunately, there is not a yes or no answer to this question.

The number of other advertisers, the city, the average price for a wedding in that city, and your placement with other wedding vendors all impact the results you will get when you advertise at WeddingWire (WW) or The Knot (TK).

I have worked with wedding businesses who were happy with their advertising at WW and TK and received a good return-on-investment (ROI). That said, I have also worked with wedding businesses who saw absolutely miserable results.

If the idea of a $200 to $300+ cost to acquire a new customer does not bother you, then yes, advertising at WW and/or TK could work for your wedding business.

A wedding officiant who charges $500 per wedding has a lot less margin compared to a wedding venue that charges $10,000+ or a wedding caterer who charges $150/plate for 200 people.

Dilution is another factor to consider and it directly impacts your ROI. How many other vendors are in your city and category? Options for premium listings are available at both sites and they clearly get more visibility than other listings. But if you are not a premium advertiser, then your listing is virtually invisible. It is similar to being listed on page two at Google.

Both sites have many bells and whistles, or vendor tools. Yes, those have value.  Both sites have brand building power and bride/groom “reviews” that can be valuable.

Frankly, in my world it is all about inquiries and inquiries that turn into sales.

I wish I could give you a better answer.

If you work with a thin margin, advertising at WW or TK is probably NOT going to go well for you.

On the other hand, if you have healthy margins, both sites offer a way to build your brand, reach more brides and grooms, get more inquiries, and book more weddings.

Brides and Grooms use sites like WW and TK to find local vendors and then often visit their websites. If your website is not doing the job it should be, is not optimized for conversion, or does not create the “Oh Yes” moment (i.e. when a bride/groom says to themselves “Oh Yes, this is who we’ve been looking for…”), then the ROI from ANY advertising and promotion you do for your business is likely to be compromised.

Action Item:

If you are thinking about advertising at WW or TK, try to find someone in your local marketplace, ideally in your category, that you can talk to and see how it is going for them.

Take meticulous notes when you speak with any salesperson. Press them for hard numbers on what to expect including traffic numbers on their pages for your specific category in your specific city. If they cannot produce them, or they dodge your questions, you probably know all that you need to know!

Questions? Email me at chris@bookmoreweddings.com