Today it is not unlikely that the majority of your website traffic is coming from a mobile device or tablet. Obviously, this is a huge game-changer.

Not only does your website need to present a mobile-friendly experience, but it is also needs to allow time for visitors to look at your inquiry forms. As you might guess, or have experienced yourself, it is far more challenging to fill out a LONG website form when you are visiting a website using a mobile device. Long forms with too many fields usually do not promote a friendly user-experience and may result in fewer inquiries.

This is probably a good time to revisit and rethink how you use inquiry forms at your website. Maybe it is time to shorten them and ask for less information initially. Long forms may result in fewer inquiries. If you can get your inquiry form down to four or five fields, you will definitely improve the mobile-visitor experience. Ask ONLY for what you absolutely need in order to follow-up on the inquiry. You can get the rest when you speak to someone on the phone!

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