Better results from your website don’t come magically – it takes a lot of work. Here are ten things to look at.

Load Time

Does your website load FAST? Slow loading websites are the #1 reason engaged couples will leave a website. If that’s not enough, load times are now a ranking factor at Google and may negatively impact your online visibility. If you use the Google Search Console you will see warnings about site load times if Google thinks there is an issue.

“Oh Yes!” Moment

Does your website create a GREAT first impression? This is what I call the “Oh Yes!” — when an engaged couple first visits your home page and says to themselves, “Oh yes, this is the company we are looking for!”

“Oh Yes” type visitors convert into inquiries far better than visitors who say, “This site looks pretty much like the other 5 websites I just visited.”


Does your header area include links to your social media, phone number, contact form, or maybe an interesting call-to-action (CTA)? Does it show properly on mobile devices (i.e. responsive design)?

Overall Homepage Layout

Think: simple, elegant, professional.

The best home page designs “don’t make me think.” You may think the design is intuitive, but will an engaged couple visiting your website think so? Does your home page leave the appropriate first impression? Does your home page immediately answer the question: “What’s in it for me?” (WIIFM) and communicate a unique value proposition (UVP)?

Appropriate Graphics

Do the graphics on your home page, and throughout your website, communicate the right message?
Are you using stock photography or your own pictures?
Are they crisp and clean, not blurry or pixelated?

Phone Number & Text Messaging

Can I find your phone number easily? It should be at the top and bottom of each of your web pages and used in your page content. You might also want to give couples the option of sending you a text message.

Call-to-Action (CTA)

Do you use a CTA throughout your website? Use text, buttons, and maybe even pop-up boxes on some or all of your pages. Yes, people hate pop-up boxes, but they work!

Main Navigation

Is the main navigation at your website easy to identify?  Does it make it SUPER easy to find the information engaged couples are looking for?

Is a PRICING page in your main navigation? Is a TESTIMONIALS page in your main navigation? Those are two pages every couple visiting your website will want to see.

Marketing Copy (UVP, WIIFM, CTA)

Three critical components of your home page marketing copy, and copy on most of your other pages, are your (1) UVP, (2) WIIFM message, and the (3) proper use of CTAs.

What makes your company different from the others (UVP)? What are you going to do for me – “What’s in it for me if I hire you?” CTAs should be prominent throughout your website, particularly on the bottom of each page where people naturally look for the next thing to do — contact you!

Testimonials and Social Proof

Social Proof converts website visitors into inquiries. Is there a testimonial on every page of your website? Are you using your awards, reviews, and association membership badges throughout your website?

If you have any questions, please visit my Facebook page and post them. I will follow-up as quickly as possible.