Today it is very important for you to have secured end-to-end encrypted website hosting, the type with https:// security and certification. Without it, your website is going to show up in most Internet browsers with an “unsecure” or “unsafe” warning. The last thing you want to leave as a first impression for a couple visiting your website is a warning message –  they will just leave your website.

Additionally, some browsers or corporate firewalls may entirely block access to your website (not that brides and grooms are doing wedding planning while at work, right?).

Google also likes to see a secured https:// website and, without it, your visibility in their search engine results may be adversely impacted.

Action Item

If your website hosting does not currently use a secured certificate (https://), contact your webmaster or hosting company and get this on your To Do list. Many hosting companies are now offering secured https:// certificates free of charge.

Recommended Hosting

SiteGround, the company I use for all of my hosting, offers free https:// certificates:

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