Studies show it takes between 6 and 8 “touches” to connect with a new prospect.

Sure, it can be frustrating when couples do not return your follow-up to their initial website inquiry, email messages, phone calls, or text messages – but be patient (and do not take it personally).

It is not always the case that they picked a competitor and are blowing you off. Sometimes they just got caught up in life – and are overwhelmed with planning their wedding!

Action Items:

  • Follow-up on all inquiries as quickly as you possibly can, within 20 minutes if possible.
  • Consider using a well-crafted auto-response message for your website inquiries using tools like AWeber ( Contrary to what I have heard some say, auto-responders are not impersonal (if properly written).
  • In my opinion, auto-responder messages (1) promptly acknowledge their inquiry, (2) show that you are a professional, (3) show that you are interested in their business, (4) show that you are grateful for their inquiry, and (5) set the stage for what they should expect next. Important Sidenote: Auto-responders should NOT be used in place of a phone call to a couple after they made an inquiry at your website.
  • Use a post-inquiry-landing page (PILP) that is informative, friendly, and sets the stage for the first follow-up phone call.
  • Create an informative “take-away” and send it to each couple who makes an inquiry through your website. You may even offer it as an incentive to make an inquiry. Link to it on your PILP.
    “Tell us more about your wedding planning! We love weddings! And couples love working with us (did you see our reviews?). When you do tell us more, we’ll also send you…”

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