If I visited your website today, would I immediately see your unique selling proposition (USP), also sometimes referred to as unique value proposition (UVP)?

Often, your USP is weaved into your “What’s in it for me?” message. This is the message that an engaged couple should immediately see and, as they read it, say to themselves:

“Yes, that is what we want!”

USPs turn website visitors into inquiries and sales!

You may have multiple unique selling propositions, which is great. And if you do, just make sure the ones that are most likely to resonate with couples are placed first. In other words, prioritize your USPs.

Action Items:

  • Print out your Home page and review it for your company’s USP/UVP. It should be found “above the scroll,“ the portion of your Home page that is initially visible to a visitor without further scrolling or clicking.
  • Often, your USP/UVP is the same reason people decide to hire you. To help identify or fine-tune your USP/UVP, review the testimonials and reviews from past clients.
  • Use a summary of your USP/UVP at the bottom of your website pages and blog posts. You might use this same summary statement, or a modified version, in your social media posts.
  • Inspiration: Rack card with multiple UVPs – https://bookmoreweddings.com/inspiration-promotional-rack-card/

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