Even if your hosting company says they are backing up your website it’s a good idea to have your own backup and disaster recovery plan in place.

Too many times I’ve seen a website get infected with malware only to find out that Go Daddy or Hostgator or [fill-in-the-blank] doesn’t have a backup copy that works to recover a website completely.

It’s a horrible thing to hear a hosting company say: “Sorry, but we can’t help you.

What do I use?

While I do use the backup tools provided by my hosting company, SITEGROUND, I also have my own disaster recovery (DR) program in place usingĀ BACKUP BUDDY from iThemes.

BACKUP BUDDY is easy to configure and it works great.

You’ll find more information about Backup Buddy and how to use it at iThemes at this link: BACKUP BUDDY

Recommended Hosting: SITEGROUND (get the Geek Level for advanced tools).