QR codes are those weird looking little square images that people can “scan” or take a picture of using their smartphone. Once it has scanned it will automatically launch the mobile web browser on the user’s smartphone and load a specific web page, a page programmed into the QR code.

Most people know they can scan QR codes to get more information. They are very popular in the tourism industry. It’s not uncommon to find them used in conjunction with a special offer.

In the past phones needed a QR reader app. Not anymore. Today, QR codes can be scanned using a smartphone camera, no app required. Open a smartphone camera, point at a QR code, and automatically the user is redirected to a specific page on the Internet.

While QR codes won’t probably create a tsunami of traffic to your website, they are a best practices Internet marketing tool. QR codes are easier to scan than typing a website address into a browser.

Don’t be fooled by people who say no one is using QR codes, this is simply not true. I recommend they are integrated into your overall Internet marketing strategy.

Action Items

Create a QR code for your website at https://qrstuff.com. Use it in all of your offline marketing.

Create a web page with a special offer and a QR code for that specific page. Add this to your bridal show booth and/or handouts.

“Scan here for a special wedding show offer…”

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