Reach is a social media marketing term used to describe how many people are exposed to a social post that you made. In theory, people see your post in their social feed.

The more reach the better, right?

Targeted reach is even better (which you can do when you pay to “boost” a post).

Both Facebook and Instagram have algorithms that calculate who sees your posts. Even though someone “likes” your business page, it does not necessarily mean that they see all of your posts. That is how the algorithms work and how these two social media platforms generate revenue. If you want more reach, even into your existing “likes,” you pay to get it.

Videos undoubtedly get more organic, non-paid reach on both Facebook and Instagram when compared to simpler text with image posts.

Try posting short videos in addition to just text and/or image posts. You will get more organic, non-paid reach, and probably more engagement (likes, comments, and shares), as long as your video is interesting and fun.

Action Items:

  • Download the Boomerang app to make fun, quirky, very short video clips.
  • Keep your videos under or around a minute if at all possible.
  • Remember hashtags!
  • Use the Facebook Insights option on your Facebook business page to see how your video posts compare to non-video posts.
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