You may hate them, and I do too, but the hard-cold facts are that pop-up boxes work! They increase conversion and generate leads.

You can use them to get newsletter subscribers, promote a limited time special offer or upcoming event, or offer a downloadable “take-away.” Pretty much anything goes!

I have personally seen pop-up boxes get an 18% opt-in rate and increase leads at a website by 70%. Colleagues of mine have told me of even higher numbers.

Of course, the OFFER is an important factor, but the numbers prove that pop-up boxes increase leads.

There are many tools that you can use to create customizable pop-up boxes including pop-ups, screen layovers, and exit intent (my favorite).

My favorite pop-up management tool is Opt-In Monster. It may be a silly name, but, make no mistake, it is a powerful pop-up creation tool.


Opt-In Monster:

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