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“Working with Chris Jaeger has helped us to sharpen and refine our Internet marketing strategy. We signed up for one of his monthly programs and are delighted with the results. Our website is now working very well! And our presence on the Internet has really increased, as have our sales! That is precisely what we wanted. Chris is always there to answer our questions, and consistently offers sound advice, especially for those of us who are not “techies.” He is knowledgeable, warm, and creative. We recommend him highly! – Norma Moutal & Mark Giller, Owners of One Heart Personalized Ceremonies

“Chris is the Real Deal and understands Internet marketing that actually delivers results. I am 100% dedicated to having the best online marketing for my business and Chris is a trusted “go-to” resource when it comes to Internet marketing for my music business.”- David Rothstein, Owner, DRS Music

“I asked Chris to review our website and Internet marketing and his analysis and recommendations were exactly what I was looking for. He didn’t just give us broad recommendations, rather detailed notes, and detailed recommendations. The annotated screen-shots were very helpful. Now, it’s time to get to work!” – Alex Karas, Owner, Enchanted Celebrations

“Chris, we just an OUTSTANDING month of sales. Our new site is a major improvement over our old site, couples love it, and we booked 12 jobs this month that I’m sure the new site contributed to. The new Internet marketing strategy you developed with us is working great. The inquiries are coming in and more importantly, they are turning into sales.” – Tracy Painter – Owner, Entertainment Tonite