A take-away is something that an engaged couple visiting your website can “take away” to read, review, or maybe even print. Take-aways work great for a variety of reasons, but I am going to guess that most of your competition does NOT use them and that immediately gives you tremendous competitive advantage.

Take-aways improve conversion and increase the likelihood that you turn an inquiry into a sale. Below is a link to an example of a take-away that I created with Norma Moutal and Mark Giller, owners of One Heart Personalized Wedding Ceremonies. It is a “free gift” that they give to people who make an inquiry and it is very helpful information for a couple trying to make a decision about hiring a Wedding Officiant. As you read it, you clearly get the impression that these two people are experts at what they do. It is not a sales pitch at all.

Norma and Mark also promote it on their Facebook business page and it has become a powerful lead generator. It is amped up even more when combined with targeted Facebook advertising.

Joe DeWolf, Owner of Valley DJ Service in Bellingham, Massachusetts, created a take-away after he asked me how he could turn more of his website visitors and inquiries into sales. Here is what he said about one week after first using his take away.

“Chris, the “take-away” works! I had a woman inquire about doing her parents’ 50th anniversary party and looking for 50’s and 60’s music. Along with a quote, I sent her a PDF attachment of the top 100 from both decades saying something like “these may be helpful in planning your party.” Well she booked me today after shopping around and she mentioned the attachment I sent her saying it looks like you know your stuff. Thank you.”

Action Items:

  • Download and review the One Heart Personalized Wedding Ceremonies “take-away” example: https://bookmoreweddings.com/1heart-pdf/
  • Create your own take-away and offer it at your website along with your social media touch-points. Send me a copy, I would love to see it!

Questions? Email me at chris@bookmoreweddings.com