2016-bob-chris-wmba-2016Sporting my new red glasses at the Wedding MBA this year, with my colleague Bob Clarke, we had a great time in Las Vegas. The Wedding MBA is the largest event of its type in the wedding industry. Early-bird tickets are on sale for the 2017 Wedding MBA. Hope to see you there!

Here are the notes from my Book More Weddings presentation, delivered to a standing room only audience!

Site Load Times

Slow loading pages are the number one reason people leave websites. They are also often associated with websites that are infected with malware. You have 3-5 seconds for your home page to load.

“Oh Yes” Moment

Does your home page make a bride say, “OH YES, this is what I’m looking for!” Do you look top-notch or DIY amateur? The look and feel of your website impacts perceived value, pricing expectations, and conversion.

Google Mobile Friendly

Does your website pass the Google mobile-friendly test? https://goo.gl/

Marketing Message WIIFM / UVP

Brides only care about one thing: “What are you going to do for me?” What is your unique value proposition (UVP) and does it speak to a bride’s WIIFM?

Marketing Message Social Proof

After WIIFM brides want to know what have you done for others? This is called “social proof” (not to be confused with social media). Are you using testimonials, online reviews, awards, association badges, and professional credentials throughout your website.

“MUST HAVE” Website Pages: About, Applause, FAQs, PILP

An ABOUT page is how people learn more about you, your company, what you’ve done for others, and sets the stage for the initial TRUST factor. Also, people love STORIES and stories create an “engagement factor” which leads to better conversion (i.e. website inquiries or even phone calls).

Testimonials are boring. Applause is exciting! Your APPLAUSE page is a “showcase” page of all your reviews, testimonials, stories, press releases – everything! Use real photos. Use scanned notecards! Use short live videos. Keep it fresh.  Recent dates create a positive impression. More is better, but keep things short. Edit your reviews as necessary. Link to this page regularly with social media posts.

FAQs. Put your 10 most frequently asked questions on their own page. Brides came to your website with questions – answer them and create a positive first engagement. Use FAQs individually at social media with links back to your FAQ page. Put a link to your FAQ page in your email signature.

Inquiry forms work far better than email links and a POST-INQUIRY LANDING PAGE will help you convert more of the brides/grooms who make website inquiries into phone calls and sales Try it: http://trypilp.com.

Online Reviews

Yelp! is used by millions of people every day of the year. Your Yelp! profile and reviews are either working FOR your business or working AGAINST your business. Have you claimed your Yelp! listing/profile? WeddingWire profiles should be optimized to get the most value, visibility, and best ROI.

Social Media

Pick TWO social media channels and use them VERY well – Facebook and Instagram. Consistently produce high-quality posts that are interesting, helpful, engaging, and clearly communicate YOU ARE AN EXPERT. Don’t forget links back to your website pages. (i.e. Applause page, FAQ page, contact form).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google is the #1 search engine and gets 70% of all search activity. Most brides and grooms don’t search by your company name. They use multi-word keyword phrases. Your targeted keyword phrases should “match the search.” These keywords/phrases must be used in your (a) page title tags, (b) description tags, and (c) in your page content. Google ranks WORDS and the more targeted keywords you give Google the better for your overall online visibility and ranking. Don’t forget geo-targeted and superlative keywords/phrases. Examples: Boston Wedding Disc Jockeys, Best Wedding Disc Jockeys in Massachusetts, Wedding DJs on Cape Cod, Best Wedding Disc Jockeys in Massachusetts.


Blogging is the best way to get better rankings at Google (SEO). It also is an opportunity to create more pages for Google to see and brides/grooms to find. Blogging promotes your expertise. It shows you have an active and busy business – if you blog actively with high-quality, well-written content.

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