It is impossible for engaged couples to learn more about your website and make online inquiries if your website is down.

Plus, a “website unavailable” error message never leaves the right impression. They may not come back!

Sign-up for free website monitoring using Pingdom (link below).

Pingdom checks your website at 5 minute intervals and will send you an email alert if it finds that your website is down.

Upgrade to their premium service and get notified via text message. If you find that your website is down more than expected, or any downtime is adversely impacting your business, I recommend that you move your website hosting to SiteGround. I use their Go Geek high-performance hosting package and their support is unmatched (

Action Items:

Keep your hosting company contact information readily available in a cross-device digital notepad like Evernote (

Register for free website monitoring at Pingdom (

Email Notification Examples from Pingdom:


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