Things are pretty tough in the wedding industry right now. With that in mind, it’s more important than ever that your marketing message and sales process is in A+ condition.

Anything less than A+ is a problem.

It’s not like new business is falling out of the sky these days, right?

One of the critical elements of an optimized marketing message and sales process is the elimination of any potential “friction.”

Friction is anything that might adversely impact the sales process. Or that makes it more difficult.


Sometimes I see BIG friction. Sometimes it’s just little things that create friction.

Telling engaged couples that visit your website that you are available for Zoom meetings is a small thing that helps eliminate friction.

A quick, easy sentence in the right place lets couples know that they can communicate with you via Zoom while also subtly and subconsciously communicating more comfort, confidence, and assurance in their buying journey with your company.

David Rothstein, (DRSMUSIC.COM) a member of my INNER CIRCLE program, recently asked me what he could do to improve his website. David is all about the A+ website.

Looking at opportunities to minimize any friction I suggested he add a short statement about offering meetings via Zoom to his existing contact page. With so many people now experienced and very comfortable with virtual meetings this immediately adds value to his buyer’s journey.

Here’s what it looks like on his contact page.


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