Book More Weddings is produced and published by Chérie Ronning and Chris Jaeger, two experienced wedding industry experts, each with more than 25 years of hands-on experience helping companies in the wedding industry grow their wedding businesses.

About Chérie Ronning

Chérie Ronning is a Business Consultant with 30+ years of experience building businesses, coaching business owners, and helping companies optimize their business operations. She can help you create A PLAN FOR SUCCESS and a manageable infrastructure that works in concert with your talents and thinking style. After years of working with creative innovators (and being one herself) she knows how exactly how to bring the joy back into your business AND GENERATE PROFIT! You shouldn’t have to choose between the joy of your passion and running your business. You started out with a fabulous idea and a lot of talent. Now you may find yourself buried in appointments, emails, social media, and tax forms, stuck “burning the candle at both ends,” and constantly putting out fires. Call or text Chérie at (360) 608-3647. Visit her website at

“Chérie is what a passive procrastinator needs to GSD (Get “Stuff” Done). After working with her for over year as our business coach, the accountability she provided in organizing and creating the foundation for our business has been priceless. I am confident that our 2020 Business Plan is going to be so much smoother. As Chérie says, “To be successful, you need a plan.” WARNING – You WILL get results “if” YOU are ready to move YOUR business forward. She will educate you, but you have to do the work. “No BS” and “No Excuses. – Dawn Hartwell, Hart 2 Hart Investigations

About Chris Jaeger

Chris Jaeger is an internet marketing consultant with more than 30 years of experience in the wedding industry. He is the author of “100 Things You Can Do to Book More Weddings: Reach More Engaged Couples, Drive More Traffic to Your Website, Get More Inquiries, and BOOK MORE WEDDINGS” (available at Amazon). If you’d like better results from your website and internet marketing reach out to Chris phone/text (978) 325-2983 or visit

“Working with Chris Jaeger has helped us to sharpen and refine our Internet marketing strategy. We signed up for one of his monthly programs and are delighted with the results. Our website is now working very well! And our presence on the Internet has really increased, as have our sales! That is precisely what we wanted. Chris is always there to answer our questions, and consistently offers sound advice, especially for those of us who are not “techies.” He is knowledgeable, warm, and creative. We recommend him highly! – Norma Moutal & Mark Giller, Owners of One Heart Personalized Ceremonies

8 Things You Can Do to Book More Weddings

If you are unhappy with the results you are getting from your website, or you’d just like to book more weddings (more inquiries = more sales), grab your copy of “8 Things You Can Do to Book More Weddings” a free PDF, exclusively from the International Association of Wedding Industry Professionals.

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