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Optimize your sales process from inquiry to close.

Closing more sales consistently and increasing annual revenues is best achieved with a well thought out and carefully planned sales “system.”

If you don’t currently have a consistent flow of new leads coming into your sales pipeline there is weakness that should be identified and corrected.

  • Write out and entirely document your current sales system
  • Draw flow charts and map out processes
  • Review it with your team
  • Identify weaknesses and fix them

Make sure everyone at your company clearly understands your sales system; from A to Z. Make sure everyone understands their roles and responsibilities. Review your sales process, leads, and closed sales regularly.

The same process applies if you are a one-person company.

I recently worked with a business who approached me with the objective of increasing sales. They knew something was wrong, but after several attempts were getting no where. How did we start the process? By doing exactly what I’m talking about above. It was definitely a “lightbulb” moment. I’m pleased to say that three significant weaknesses in their sales system were identified in the process. They were fixed and immediately more sales were being closed.

Recommended Flowcharting Tools: Powerpoint. MindJet (

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