Print advertising is NOT dead! But for print advertising to be cost-effective it now requires very careful integration with your Internet marketing. Your website address, special offers used as incentives to visit your website, free downloadable documents (aka “takeaways”), and even those crazy looking QR codes are each an important part of any print advertising.

Action Item

Review and rework all of your print advertising to include an incentive to visit your website. Make your website address (domain) prominent. You should no longer need “www.” before your domain/website address. Test this, and, if necessary, talk with your webmaster or hosting company.


I love Rack Cards. They give you more room than a postcard along with plenty of room to include key unique value propositions (UVPs). You can even add extra testimonials. They are inexpensive to produce in short runs (100-200) at places like Vistaprint (

Rack Card Example:

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