I love Rack Cards. They give you more room than a postcard along with plenty of room to include key unique value propositions (UVPs). You can even add extra testimonials (i.e. social proof). They are inexpensive to produce in short runs (100-200) at places like Vistaprint.

Here’s a rack card I created for Tracy Painter, the owner of Entertainment Tonite. It was used in conjunction with a series of 2018 wedding expos where the company was exhibiting.

Using a unique URL specifically for this marketing campaign allowed us to measure and track specific inquiries that came from these shows.

It was a successful marketing strategy, generated several post-show inquiries and sales, and allowed Tracy to maximize the return-on-investment his company made in the shows.


Vistaprint: https://vistaprint.com

Graphics Design: https://upwork.com



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