People often ask me: “What should I blog about?” and my answer is anything that:

  • Is helpful information to an engaged couple
  • Makes you look like the expert that you are!
  • Would likely make someone want to hire you

Good blog posts have MANY benefits, including:

  • Increasing your online visibility and rankings at Google
  • Helping you get more high-quality inquiries
  • They help make it easier to close sales
  • They create competitive advantage

While this was an interview by a local website/newspaper, it could easily be a “self-interview” and posted at your blog. It would be something I’d also create as a “take-away” and send to couples after their initial inquiry.

Or maybe put it as a link in your email signature!

If you do something like this I’d love to see it. Send me the link.

If you’d like help writing up one of these “interview” blog posts give me a call at (978) 325-2983. My fee is $295.00 and includes creating the “take-away” PDF that you can send to people or let them download it from your website.

(978) 325-2983

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