Join my Book More Weddings INNER CIRCLE if you are in the wedding business and want to affordably:

  1. Build your brand and increase its online visibility
  2. Reach more engaged couples
  3. Get better results from your Internet marketing (including better rankings at Google)
  4. Get more high-quality traffic to your website and get more inquiries

INNER CIRCLE membership includes:

  • Online access to my new book “100+ Things You Can Do to Reach More Engaged Couples, Get More Inquiries From Your Website, and Book More Weddings.”
  • Premium “All Access” pass to my Book More Weddings website
  • My INNER CIRCLE Internet marketing newsletter
  • 24-7-365 access to my Help Desk and Virtual Coaching
  • Membership in my Private Facebook Group
  • A 90 day money-back guarantee

The Reviews Are In…

“We’ve more than doubled our bookings this past year with your help and guidance. 2019 is going to be our best year ever!” – M. Jarrett, The Harbor Room

“Your book is like a checklist of all the things we were not doing correctly. We’re following the action steps and we’ve seen great results and quickly. The updates are GREAT. I highly recommend that anyone in the wedding business who wants better results from their Internet marketing buy this book.” – Tammy Johns, Tammy Johns Weddings & Events

A lot of wedding marketing gurus tell you what is wrong with your Internet marketing, Chris tells you how to fix it.” – Bob Clarke, Wedding Gown Care

“My trusted go to source for information on how to get better results from my Internet marketing.” – Kevin Tripp, Wedding Officiant

“Chris has helped me fine-tune my online marketing and sales strategy. Using his tactics and techniques I’ve got my website top ranked and now get more inquiries for my wedding entertainment services.” – Mark Cherney, Music Man Event Professionals.

Take the mystery and frustration out of your Internet marketing for less than .50 cents a day.

Get better results from your Internet marketing and BOOK MORE WEDDINGS – GUARANTEED.


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"Working with Chris Jaeger has helped us to sharpen and refine our Internet marketing strategy. We signed up for one of his monthly programs and are delighted with the results. Our presence on the Internet has really increased, as have our sales! That is precisely what we wanted. - Norma Moutal & Mark Giller, Owners of One Heart Personalized Ceremonies
"I asked Chris to review our website and Internet marketing and his analysis and recommendations were exactly what I was looking for. He didn't just give us broad recommendations, rather detailed notes, and detailed recommendations. The annotated screen-shots were very helpful. Now, it's time to get to work!" - Alex Karas, Owner, Enchanted Celebrations

“Using Chris’s recommendations we saw a 30% increase in inquiries in the first 90 days. I can close about 80% of our inquiries, so needless to say this has been a big bump in sales for our business. Hire Chris to do a website review for your wedding business as I did, you’ll be glad you did, I’m sure of it!" - Carol Clarke, Owner, Bridal Gown Care

Chris JaegerGreetings! My name is Chris Jaeger and I produce the Book More Weddings website. I am also the Founder of the International Association of Wedding Industry Professionals.

If you are not getting the results you expect from your website and internet marketing, or you are getting good results but would like BETTER results, follow this link.

I offer anyone in the wedding industry a complimentary no-obligation Discovery Session.

You can learn more about me here. You can reach me anytime by phone at (978) 325-2983.


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