CONVERSION is defined as getting someone to do something you want them to do at your website, in your social media touch-point, in your email broadcast, or at the next bridal show. CONVERSION is what it’s all about. If you want more inquiries, and you want to book more weddings, I highly recommend you optimize how you use TARP!

eviews & Ratings
rofessional Credentials


Testimonials are “social proof” and create an INITIAL TRUST in the mind of a bride/groom considering your products or services. You can have a great-looking website, but it won’t necessarily create trust. Unless a bride/groom has some initial TRUST in you and your company, they are not likely to make an inquiry. Everything you do with your Internet marketing should be designed to create TRUST and make it MORE LIKELY a bride/groom will make an inquiry (and want to speak with you on the phone!).


Again, like testimonials, awards are a form of social proof. In most cases, you won’t get awards overnight. Awards are a sign of an established business that consistently delivers high-quality products and services. For example, the WeddingWire “Couple’s Choice” award is not handed out just because you pay to advertise there – certainly not everyone gets one. Like most awards, you have to earn it – and brides/grooms trust WeddingWire reviews.

Reviews & Ratings

Thanks in part to Amazon, and websites like Angie’s List, the entire world is programmed to quickly look for reviews and ratings for the products and services they are interested in buying. I’m sure that most of you have looked at reviews and ratings yourself before you made a buying decision.

Reviews and ratings are VERY powerful marketing tools that will help you get more inquiries and book more weddings – that is, if you have good ones! Obviously, if you have negative reviews, if you have more than one or two poor reviews, your business is fighting an uphill battle at a significant competitive disadvantage.

Professional Credentials

Securing membership in professional associations and adding professional credentials increase punch in your marketing efforts. Both show you are clearly engaged in your industry and, if used properly in your marketing, give you a solid competitive advantage. Your IDEAL CLIENT is the type that wants to hire “the best.” They typically are not just “trolling for prices” or what is sometimes referred to as the “low hanging fruit.” Professional association memberships and professional credentials will help you attract better clients – not to mention better paying ones.

Action Items:

  • Take a look at your website – specifically, how you use testimonials, awards, ratings and reviews, and professional credentials throughout your site. Fix any and all weaknesses immediately.
  • Look at your social media streams. Are you regularly posting testimonials, awards, ratings and reviews, and professional credentials? Each post should link back to your website.
  • If you only have a few testimonials, awards, ratings and reviews, or professional credentials, create an action plan to get them as soon as possible.
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