(1) Make a commitment to “AMP UP” your social media marketing. Doing it correctly and effectively will give you a much more favorable ROI.

(2) Create a 90 day strategy and content plan. Post consistently, at least once a week, ideally 3x a week.

(3) Create and post high quality and interesting information that your target audience will say “Wow, that’s great information and very helpful!”

(4) Focus on “engagement” with your audience and then driving traffic to your website or other contact points. Create posts that people will LIKE, COMMENT, or SHARE.

(5) Measure everything using Facebook Insights and Google Analytics. When you see a post topic get a lot of engagement you’ve just identified a “hot button” with your audience.

(6) Use high-quality large graphics that are bigger than 700 pixels wide. Larger images get more attention in the news feed of someone who has LIKED your page.

(7) Use “social proof.” Testimonials, reviews, awards, and professional credentials. Post your reviews as you get them at The Knot, WeddingWire, or Yelp!.

(8) Always use Facebook Marketing Best Practices to avoid wasting time and effort.

Chris Jaeger produces the BOOK MORE WEDDINGS NEWSLETTER and is the Founder and Director of the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF WEDDING INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS (IAWIP). He is a wedding industry marketing veteran with more than 20 years of experience marketing to brides and grooms.

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