All of the major email service providers prohibit broadcast mailing to the bridal show “lists” that you may get from a bridal show producer. It may also be against the law, particularly in Canada.

Here are three things you can do to BUILD YOUR OWN permission-based email list as part of your participation at a bridal show.

(1) Have a Contest

At your table, give away something such as promotional pens and have a drawing for a prize. They can use the pens to fill in a short form and drop it in a fishbowl for the drawing (or simply for more information). Then they can to keep the pens which will have your email address and phone number.

Here are some great pen ideas:

(2) Offer a “Take-away”

Offer couples something you will send to them via email. This is also referred to as a “take-away.” Ask them to either fill out a short form on paper (like in #1 above), or have a computer at the show with a splash page that they can fill out. In this case, the take-away will be sent to them instantly via email.

You can build lead collecting pages easily using the following websites:


(3) Hand Out a Colorful Upscale Postcard (or Rack Card)

Hand out a special postcard with a link to a special “Bridal Show Only” offer at your website. Send qualified couples to this link on your website where you can capture their contact information including email address and phone number.

Use a special page URL that you can track via Google Analytics.

Upscale postcards can be easily made online at Vistaprint (

But Rack Cards are really my favorite. Here is an example of one made specifically for use at a bridal show:

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