How often should you post to Facebook and Instagram?

If you want to book more weddings, and stay ahead of your competition, post DAILY.

Properly, effectively, and aggressively using social media marketing will help you build your brand, drive traffic to your website, and book more weddings.

Facebook and Instagram are the two most powerful social marketing channels for any wedding business. I can show you hard proof that they both will generate inquiries and sales, when used properly.

The effectiveness of almost all social media is based on the images you use and the quality of your content. This is no place for stock photography.

If you are constantly posting advertising or “we are great” type content don’t expect to get much traction. People won’t follow you or interact with your social marketing if you do this.

Action Items

Take a serious and aggressive approach to using social media by posting daily to both Facebook and Instagram.

Use tools like Hootsuite or Smarter Queue to help you manage a long-term social media marketing strategy.

Post eye-catching graphics with high-quality helpful content. Expert advice or recent weddings are always great content.

Link back to your website and/or include a phone number in the majority of your posts.

Create a series of posts with your expert advice. Create 10-15 of these and rotate them across your social channels with eye-catching images. Make them quick to read with no more than 20-25 words.

Use your existing FAQs and reviews or testimonials for additional social content.

Outsource your social media marketing to a qualified professional if necessary. Yes, it is that important and it should create a positive ROI. Before you hire anyone be sure to look at their work. Ideally, hire someone with wedding industry marketing experience.

Resources: Social Media Management Tools: Hootsuite offers a free option ( while Smarter Queue offers a trial and automatic post republishing ( Both let you cross-post a single post to multiple social channels (I LOVE SAVING TIME!).

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