Carefully planning your social media posts at Facebook will help you get more likes, comments and shares. It also creates a better impression on your brand. Here are five (5) powerful things you can post that get great results.

Don’t forget to link back to your website in 95% of your Facebook posts.

(1) Frequently Asked Questions

Take individual frequently asked questions from your website’s FAQ page and post them at Facebook one at a time over a period of two or three weeks. Get added value by linking back to the full FAQ page at your website.

(2) Professional Credentials

Post an announcement about your membership in the International Association of Wedding Industry Professionals along with your membership badge. Not a member? Join today:

(3) Recent Testimonials

Post an announcement with a RECENT testimonial that you received from one of your clients. “We just got this from…” Ideally, include a picture of the couple if you can – a picture will create more impact!

(4) Recent Wedding

Post an announcement about a recent wedding, why the client hired you, where it was, and maybe a few highlights of the wedding (i.e. the bride/father dance had everyone crying, Grandma attended and was dancing – and she’s 94 years old!). Include multiple pictures from the event if you can, even if they are basic smartphone photos, as long as they are clear and crisp looking (not fuzzy and out of focus or too dark). Recent wedding posts have a huge impact and show you are busy, active, and people are hiring you! Take a look at the Facebook page for David Rothstein Music.

(5) Why Do People Hire You

Create a Facebook post with the “Top 5 Reasons People Hire Us.” An alternative title might be “Top 5 Reasons Why Brides & Grooms Choose <company name>.” Keep it brief and make sure the top 5 reasons communicate your unique value proposition. Be sure to link back to the inquiry form page at your website. The “Top 5 Reasons People Hire Us” should already be one of your blog posts. If it is, it will be an easy cut-and-paste.

For the complete list of 11 High-Impact Facebook Post Ideas visit:

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