If you use Google Analytics (GA), and you should, one of the tracking points is called Bounce Rate. Bounce Rate is an indication of how many REAL people came to your website and left after visiting just one page. They clicked in and then immediately clicked out. Bounce Rate is generally measured and presented as a percentage.

As you might guess, a high Bounce Rate is not a good thing. It means something is wrong and real people are leaving your website, probably before you want them to.

Generally speaking, I like to see a Bounce Rate down in the 30-40% range. Many things impact it, including:

  • Source/quality of traffic
  • Website design
  • Page copy
  • Malware
  • Non-secure website (the “s” in “https://” indicates a secure website)

Action Items

If you have a Bounce Rate above 55%, speak to your webmaster or website designer and work to figure out what the issues might be. Again, your Bounce Rate target is, generally speaking, 30-40%.

Look at your referrer traffic, another key datapoint in Google Analytics. If you have a high Bounce Rate on inbound traffic from websites like The Knot or WeddingWire, then something is DEFINITELY wrong with your website. It probably has something to do with your design or marketing copy.

If you do not already use Google Analytics,  install it at your website – it’s free!

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