#1 Review Your Website Design & Optimize for Conversion

It doesn’t make a lot of sense to put time, effort, and money into your internet marketing and website if it isn’t ready to catch visitor traffic and CONVERT it into inquiries and sales.

There are dozens of variables that go into a successful website, but if you want more inquiries and sales two of the key components are your (1) MARKETING MESSAGE and (2) CALL-TO-ACTION.

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#2 Review & Optimize Your Marketing Message

After initial impression, the marketing copy found on your home page, and throughout your website, will be the single most determining factor when converting visitors into inquiries.

When people visit your website, they almost always are seeking a SOLUTION TO A PROBLEM. Does your marketing copy immediately and clearly communicate that YOU HAVE the solution to their problem?

#3 Social Proof Leads to More Inquiries

Social Proof used throughout your website and internet marketing is the tipping point that turns “lookers” into inquiries. The use of testimonials, reviews, case studies, pictures showing happy customers, and memberships in professional associations have been PROVEN TO IMPROVE CONVERSION. Combine an optimized marketing message with social proof and you will turn more of your website visitors into inquiries and then sales. I call it the GRAND SLAM of internet marketing

#4 Better Photos & More Video

“A picture is worth 1000 words.” Actually, the RIGHT picture is worth even more! Clean, crisp, fast-loading, colorful and engaging photos at your website communicate a powerful message, one that gets attention and leads to more inquiries! Using video will continue to be important, particularly on your social media channels where it algorithmically increases the reach of your posts.

#5 Use Social Media More Effectively

Social media is a very powerful internet marketing tool WHEN USED PROPERLY. Effective use of social media will increase brand awareness and drive more high-quality traffic to your website. Using social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok will increase the overall online visibility for your wedding business.

#6 Get Better Ranked at Google (Search Engine Optimization)

Getting top-ranked at Google takes some effort and time, but it also drives very high-quality traffic to your website. Think about it for a minute. Someone has a problem, they search for a solution at Google, they see your website on page one, and they click through to your website. Frankly, in my opinion, you can’t get a better website visitor. Assuming your website is designed and optimized for conversion (see #1 above), top rankings at Google lead to more BRAND AWARENESS, MORE INQUIRIES, and MORE SALES. Inquiries from your website are almost always the best type of SALES LEADS you can get.

#7 Increase Your Overall Online Visibility

The internet is very “noisy” today – and unfortunately, it is getting worse. It is more important than ever before to create a long-term internet marketing strategy that is focused on increasing your overall online visibility and optimizing conversion. This can be accomplished using search engine optimization (SEO), better social media marketing, increasing your online “touchpoints,” improving your marketing message, and integrating your offline marketing with your internet marketing.

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