Does your website create what I have coined the “Oh Yes!” moment? The “Oh Yes!” moment is that split second when a bride on her first visit to your website says to herself: “Oh yes! This is the company I’ve been looking for!” Brides are planning the most important day of their lives. They want the very best and your website absolutely must make a great first impression. If it doesn’t, she’ll just click her “back” button and look for something better. Are you frustrated that couples won’t return your calls after they’ve made an inquiry at your website? Maybe your website didn’t create enough of the “Oh Yes” moment to make them want to talk with you on the phone! Yes, that’s how it works!

Action Item

Compare your website to 5 to 7 of your competitors. Make notes about what you like, what they are doing that you are not doing? Where are the opportunities to capitalize on their weaknesses?

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