Here are somequestions you might want to ask when you create a Facebook post or any other social media post.

Throwing content on your Facebook feed in hopes that “something will stick” is not an effective social media marketing strategy (and does not deliver the best return-on-investment or return-on-effort). It certainly is not a best practice. Any results you might get are more from luck than a result of effective online marketing. Arguably, it could hurt your brand.

Before publishing your social media content, ask yourself these 10 questions:

1) Do you really understand social media and how to use it, or do you just post in hopes that something good will happen?

2) Does the post appropriately reflect your brand and branding?

3) Will your content be interesting to your audience?

4) Does your content provide helpful information?

5) Is your content engaging and likely to get a LIKE, COMMENT, or SHARE?

6) Is it written properly with no typos or grammar issues, and easy it to read online?

7) Does it properly reflect your expertise?

8) Is there a link back to your website?

9) Does it have an appropriately sized, eye-catching graphic?

10) Do you post consistently?

… and

11) Should you “boost” some of your Facebook posts to a targeted audience in your marketplace?

Improving your Facebook content, and social media content in general, will deliver better results, drive more traffic to your website, and generate more inquiries and sales! It is definitely worth the effort and delivers a solid return-on-effort.

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