Is your Facebook profile up-to-date, including an appropriate link back to your website or a landing page?

Are you posting consistently? Once a day, twice a day, or three times a week? Whatever you do, do it consistently.

Are you posting in the morning? Morning posts have been reported to be the most effective and have the longest “Facebook life” or “traction.”

Every audience is different. Test posting at different times of the day to learn what times get you the best results.

Do you post a variety of content (not the same thing over and over)?

Does your post use both words and pictures?

Is there a link back to your website in the majority of your posts?

Posting high-quality interesting content will help your business page get more likes!

Post a graphic from time to time that asks people to LIKE your page.

Mix up your post length. Short posts with 100-120 characters and long posts (150+ words) seem to get the best results at Facebook. What you are trying to communicate will determine your post length. There are no absolute rules when it comes to Facebook post length.

Is your post relevant to your audience?

Is your post interesting to your audience?

Do you use a link in the first three lines of your post, and then again at the end of it?

Are you using a link shortening tool for long links, like the Google link shortener?

Are you tracking link clicks, again you can do that with the Google link shortner.

Does your post show and communicate your brand personality?

Would your ideal client find your post interesting?

Does your post promote a special offer your business is currently offering?

Does your post publicize an exclusive offer or exclusive promotion for your Facebook followers?

Does your post include a time-sensitive offer? Time-sensitive offers are more likely to get people to take action NOW!

Special offers work very well. Does your post have a link with an offer for a “take-away?” A “take-away is something someone who visits your website can download directly or after filling out a form. Ex: “10 Things You Should Know When You Hire a ___________.”

Are you using the appropriate #hashtags at the end of your post? Not only product and service hashtags, but geographically targeted hashtags. Examples: #boston #bostonweddings #bostoncaterers #bostonweddingdjs #bostonweddingdiscjockey

Is your post engaging and likely to trigger a like, comment, or share?

Does your post ask your post readers to like, comment, or share?

Do some of your posts include questions? Posts with the right questions can dramatically increase engagement!

Is your post written properly with no typos, misspellings, or grammar issues? While social media is a rather casual media these things still can leave a reader with a poor impression about your business.

Does your post educate your readers in some way? Do they read it and say to themselves; “Hey, I didn’t know that?”

Does your post properly reflect your expertise? Does someone reading it say “Wow, this person/business really knows their stuff.”

Does your post clearly communicate that you are an expert at what you do?

Does your post link to your inquiry form “for more information about…”? Ideally, use this with a testimonial.

Are you using testimonials and other professional credentials as some of the content for your posts? Example: “Look at this review we just got at WeddingWire…”

Does your post have an appropriate eye-catching, crisp, clean graphic?

Is the graphic you use in your Facebook post wide enough to fill the feed horizontally? Is it at least 600 pixels wide?

Does your post avoid “third-rail” subjects like politics, religion, and probably even humor! Be very careful with humor if you choose to use it on your Facebook business page. What you think is funny can easily be offensive to someone else.

Is your post upbeat? Facebook business pages are no place for a negative vibe! Keep it positive so that it is always a positive reflection on your business.

Are you testing different times when you post to see what gets the most REACH and interaction? Most people check Facebook during their lunch break at work or after dinner.

Are you using tools to help you manage your Facebook posts, like Hootsuite?

Does your post include/use a call-to-action?

Do you link to other interesting content from time to time? “It’s all about you, but it’s not all about you!”

Do you ask your followers or “fans” for feedback?

Are you monitoring and measuring key metrics using Facebook Insights?

Do you respond to Facebook messenger inquiries in a timely manner?

Are you considering a targeted Facebook “boosted” post to extend the reach for some of your posts? Boosted posts reach more of your followers as well as others that you can selectively target. You can “boost” a post for as little as $20.00.

From time to time post a link to your Instagram page, blog posts, email newsletter subscription form, or other online touch-points.

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