A lot of people tell me that they do not get very good or consistent results from Facebook. In most cases, the reason is that they are not using it properly. Here are some of the BEST PRACTICES I use when managing a Facebook business page for a client.

Does your post educate your readers in some way? Do they read it and say to themselves; “Hey, I didn’t know that?”

Does your post properly reflect your expertise? Does someone reading it say “Wow, this person/business really knows their stuff.”

Does your post clearly communicate that you are an expert at what you do?

Does your post link to your inquiry form “for more information about…”? Ideally, use this along with a testimonial.

Are you using testimonials and other professional credentials as some of the content for your posts? Ex: “Look at this review we just got at WeddingWire…”

Does your post have an appropriate eye-catching, crisp, clean graphic?

Is the graphic you use in your Facebook post wide enough to fill the feed horizontally? Is it at least 600 pixels wide?

Does your post avoid “third-rail” subjects like politics, religion, and probably even humor! Be very careful with humor if you choose to use it on your Facebook business page. What you think is funny can easily be offensive to someone else.

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