A lot of people tell me that they do not get very good or consistent results from Facebook. In most cases, the reason is that they are not using it properly. Here are some of the BEST PRACTICES I use when managing a Facebook business page for a client.

Are you using a link shortening tool for long links, like the Bit.ly link shortener? http://bit.ly

Are you tracking link clicks? You can do that with the Bil.ly link shortner. http://bit.ly

Does your post establish and communicate your brand personality?

Would your ideal client find your post interesting?

Does your post promote a special offer that your business currently offers?

Does your post publicize an exclusive offer or exclusive promotion for your Facebook followers?

Does your post include a time-sensitive offer? Time-sensitive offers are more likely to get people to take action NOW!

Special offers work very well. Does your post have a link with an offer for a “take-away?” A take-away is something someone who visits your website can download directly or after filling out a form. Ex: “10 Things You Should Know When You Hire a ___________.”

Are you using the appropriate #hashtags at the end of your post? Include not only product and service hashtags, but geographically targeted hashtags. Ex: #boston #bostonweddings #bostoncaterers #bostonweddingdjs #bostonweddingdiscjockey

Is your post engaging and likely to trigger a like, comment, or share?

Does your post ask your post readers to like, comment, or share?

Do some of your posts include questions? Posts with the right questions can dramatically increase engagement!

Is your post written properly with no typos, misspellings, or grammar issues? While social media is a rather casual media these things still can leave a reader with a poor impression about your business.

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