Facebook Advertising 101

Late last week I was doing some research related to Facebook advertising, trying to figure out fact from fiction. I did a “boost” and “reached” 134,416 very targeted people, according to Facebook. My monthly budget is $500. The campaign definitely worked and the company got more phone calls and more online inquiries. It paid for itself the first day it went live. My research was focused on reaching even MORE people without increasing the monthly budget. I love a challenge!

I think Facebook advertising works very well, if you know what you’re doing and take the time to set-up your campaigns very carefully. I also used a KILLER graphic. If you saw it in your Facebook feed it would get your attention and you’d “like” it too.

If you don’t understand BEST PRACTICES at Facebook you’re just throwing money into a blowtorch.

Lyfe Marketing has the best overview and guidance I’ve come across. Their “10 Essentials to Running Successful Facebook Ads” is worth checking out if you are thinking of doing some Facebook advertising *or* you want to fine-tune what you’re already doing.

10 Essentials to Running Successful Facebook Advertising


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