It’s no surprise to hear that the majority of people read their email from a smartphone.

At least initially.

If you’re like me, I give my inbound email a quick look when I check it from my iPhone.

First I look at who it’s from, and then the subject.

Then I make a decision – save and read again later, probably on my laptop, or DELETE.

With this in mind, and given the importance of email communication with clients (or potential clients), it’s very important that your email messages are easy to read.

If your email messages create a less than user-friendly experience it can (and will) adversely impact your communications with clients, and ultimately conversion.

Action Step: Check the default SEND font size in your email app. I like to set mine to a minimum of 16 points.

Here’s an email newsletter that I get and the font size makes it difficult to read. By setting the default size to 16 it would be easier to read on all devices.

Sidenote: I do like how the content is “chunked” into small paragraphs and this does make it easier to read. It’s also considered an email Best Practice (i.e. “chunking” long content).

If you use Gmail as your email client, like I do, you’ll find the adjustment under the GEARBOX (top right) and SETTINGS.