Q: Chris, should we make our domain registration information “private?” Go Daddy says it reduces spam and helps prevent identify theft.

A: No. I do not think there is a need for you to make your domain registration information private.

I don’t believe that either of the things Go Daddy is talking about are real issues to be concerned about. Interestingly noted, Go Daddy is trying to sell you something, right?

First, junk/spam/filtering should be done at your hosting server – or – at your email client (Gmail, Outlook, etc.). Or both, actually.

Your public domain registration information isn’t going to make you more likely to be a victim of identity theft.

In my expert opinion, both of these issues are a red herring.

So unless you’re running from the law, you have an ex-spouse you’re hiding from, or you think aliens are looking for you, making your domain registration information private is unnecessary.

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