Your Business Plan should include your Social Media Calendar. Social Media is most likely your main marketing tool. Random postings without a set plan may hinder more than help.

Creating a calendar for the year doesn’t mean you have to write all the posts at once. But it does mean you need to pull up a blank calendar, or a spreadsheet and pick a topic of the month. After all, your business has specific things to share at times that fit the wedding season. 

Your topics could include “real weddings”, “10 things to know about hiring a ???”, sharing pictures & bios about your staff – and YES your dog is a part of your staff, your office or warehouse, and of course your products.

Include some of those “national days”, dogs, cats, coffee, mothers, dads, daughters & sons, and all major holidays. Your potential clients want to know who you are as a person. It makes them know you better and that makes you more approachable.

Then start writing some content that you want to share. Good content along with a great photo = success. Your target audience will come to rely on your posts for knowledge plus some entertainment.

Be sure to create stories and reels, to mix into your calendar. Stories are wonderful to show photos of set-ups or several bouquets or dresses. Reels catch people’s attention. Do a quick reel showing how-to “make cupcakes” or how to “create a boutonniere”. It is all about the action. 

Need help with creating your content calendar? Reach out for help.

Chérie Ronning
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